KT World Clock Pro 1.0.0 crash and other issues

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KT World Clock Pro 1.0.0 crash and other issues

Postby Admin » Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:01 pm

We have identified the crash problem when saving a new city, and already have a fix under testing. It will soon be uploaded to the app store.

At the same time to avoid the crashing problem, please follow the steps below when adding a new city:

1. Tap on the City Time Zone field, a screen will show up with a big list of cities
2. Search for your city by typing in name of the city in the search field
3. select the city, it will bring back the previous screen and populate the city name field.
4. if your city is not found, go back to step 2 to type a city near your city.
5. After going back to the Add city screen, change the city name field if needed.

To view more than 3 clocks(on iPhone) or 5 clocks(on iPad)
The small clocks are scrollable. Swipe finger up and down at the small clocks, the clocks will scroll up and down.
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